Saturday, October 22, 2011


You can smell it.  You know it is around somewhere.  Lurking.  You have looked high, low, and "in-between" and still can't find it!  You can't just ignore it, it's poo!  The poopy diaper you just changed is in the garbage...the aroma is wafting out of it's confine.  So you take the half full garbage bag out.  The smell is STILL THERE!  You check the baby's butt to see if you had interrupted her "mid-dump"....nope, clean!  You change her clothes and STILL THERE!!!!

Then, the creepy suspicion arises and no matter how hard you try to suppress your instincts... you realize, the baby poo has to be ON YOU!!!!  Then you do the mental dance, equivalent to the motions you go thru when you suspect a spider has landed on you.

I wasn't planning on showering this early.... but then again, I wasn't planning on getting ninja baby poo on me.

And by the way... I don't remember giving her corn!