Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mother of the Year.... Yes please!

I nominate myself for Mother of the Year.  All you other mother's can suck it.  And here's why...

My 7 year old twins got off an hour early from school today.

And I didn't know.

And I wasn't home.

And I apparently scarred my daughter for life.

Luckily I can bribe them with presents so they don't tell their father, he already thinks I'm crazy.  To verify my craziness, see ALL my other blog posts.

Luckily my neighbor was home and they went next door.  I can't imagine what would have happened if she wasn't home.  I felt horrible when she called me.  Horrible.

At least I wasn't at the bar trying to get my drink on.  I do that in the morning while my youngest is at school.  Hey, I am not a totally irresponsible mother!  I will wait until she is at least a teenager before I bring her.


  1. You're the best! I love how you let all other Mother know that they can suck it.
    Okay, so you screwed up. Big Time! At least you all have a Memory now.
    Although it might be like this:
    "Remember that time when Mom forgot us at Christmas time? Let's go visit her in the home some time soon." ha!

  2. Things happen, don't you know we lose brain cells with the birth of each child. Hey after six kids I can't even talk straight anymore ;)